Lucky Stars at TIFF

celebrity makeup pictionary man sexy sweets pretzel nuggitz eco-tees Tastemakers lounge
Swag, swag, swag. I often wonder why celebrities (who are raking in millions) need to get products for free? But I can’t fault them for it – they do need to be on top of every beauty and fashion trend out there. Here are a few more of my favourite pieces of swag from the Tastemakers celebrity gifting suite at the Intercontinental Hotel Toronto Yorkville. 

Celebrities attending the festival got the chance to wander into this pretty lounge and test out all the new exciting products. And we’re giving you a sneak peek.

GUATS clothing

This brand of clothing may seem like your typical eco-friendly brand until you realize that it’s also Canadian-made. And this line is unbelievably soft, luxe and made with bamboo with or without stretch. The line also features hemp blends. Great for working out or just wandering the town, these tees are sure to be a hit with celebs for their great fabric and cool Canadian symbols. Check it out at such stores as Sporting Life.

Sexy Gourmet Food Company

TIFF is all about running around, seeing celebs and well, not really having a steady source of food. So when they gave me a taste of the Sexy Sweets Pretzel Nuggitsz (multi-grain pretzels dipped in Belgian chocolate) my blood sugar and tastebuds were very happy. If I were a celeb I would keep a bag of these in my pocket for a little sugar rush before a premiere. Check them out online for your next party. 

Mattel’s New Games

I’m a huge sucker for entertaining games. I think it’s something to do with old age or spending lots of time in cottages and farms with large groups of people with no other way to entertain ourselves. Either way, there is one game that the celebs will definitely be picking up because it looks HILARIOUS. It’s called Pictionary Man and it seems made for people like myself who couldn’t draw a stick man to save their lives. On its foot, it has a digital screen that gives you different people (such as someone like Fidel Castro) you have to draw on the white plastic doll against a timer. I really want this game and feel like someone like Drew Barrymore would also pick this up for a good laugh.

Joe Fresh Beauty

Not only do they have chic, affordable clothing but now Joe Fresh Style has launched a beauty line. In case you’ve missed it (it’s in the cosmetics aisle at Superstores) there is a whole selection of brushes, blushes, shadows, lipsticks and basically great makeup for a budget price. I got a peek at Kristin Booth (starring in TIFF’s Defendor and Crackie) getting her makeup done for the red carpet. And I snagged some great brushes and lip colours to test out myself.

–Kate Daley