Living Proof Haircare now on the Shopping Channel

living proof living proof
  Fighting frizz day and night? Sick of having hair that’s all over the map? I hear ya sisters. So when I heard the news that Living Proof  products would now be not only at Sephora but on the Shopping Channel I was thrilled. I first met with a rep from the company over a year ago and when she explained the technology behind their products I was definitely intrigued. She told me about all the research behind it –  that actual MIT scientists formulated the products with something called a PolyfluoroEster that creates a thin barrier on the hair eliminating all frizz. An invention of a new material just for taming frizzy locks? Amazing. And guess what? I gave it to a friend who was constantly fighting her natural curl and frizzy thick hair. She LOVED it. Her hair looked sleek and smooth and she was a convert.  You’ve got to trust a good test drive – it’s not often that you find a product that you and your friends can all rave about. She’ll be excited to stock up again.

  So behold the brand’s launch on the Shopping Channel for summer hair solutions. Try one of their newest products, the Living Proof Hold Flexible Hairspray for $28. Spritz it on after you’ve styled to keep hair in control as the humidity rises.  – Kate Daley