Lise Watier has a new face

mme watier and leah
Lise Watier has announced that Leah Miller will be their new national ambassador for the brand. Miller, known for her roles on Much Music  and So You Think You Can Dance Canada appeared in a sparkly Herve Leger dress for the big announcement. She joins French celeb Mitsou Gélinas as the latest face. (On a side note, how fab is her dress?!)

Mme Watier and Lea h pictured at the launch event.  When I first interviewed Leah about her role with Lise Watier she gushed about all of her favourite products. She loved the mascaras for her sensitive eyes and was excited to try everything new that they had to offer. Leah will appear in the latest ads for the Lash Booster Duo.  This product has a formula on one end and a serum on the other, both helping lashes grow long and healthy using peptides (seen in many skincare products) along with Vitamins A, and E. Leah said she used to wear faux lashes but that this serum has done away with it. I’ll definitely be giving it a whirl. Leah will also be the face for a new hydrating skincare line on shelves this summer.  Visit for more information.  – Kate Daley