Lisa Tant Questions on beauty January 2004

Dry feet and dry skin worries are answered

My feet get so dry in the winter that they crack. How can I keep them smooth and moist?
Cracked feet are common in the winter. Your best bet is to keep them warm and dry. Sprinkle foot powder in your boots and shoes and try to take off wet footwear once you’re indoors. At night, slather your feet with a moisturizer. I’ve just come across a new one-Eucerin Urea Body Lotion which is formulated with 10 per cent urea, an active ingredient that softens and smoothes severely dry skin. Available at drug stores, it comes in 3 per cent and 5 per cent concentrations for milder dryness.

I’ve tried using anti-wrinkle Retinol products. Why do they make my skin so dry?
Retinol may be too drying for sensitive or already dry complexions. Instead of using it nightly, try alternating it with a regular night cream every second night. Your skin should gradually get used to it and the dryness and flaking should go away. If it doesn’t, discontinue using it on your face. But all is not lost. Use up the rest of your Retinol moisturizer as a hand cream. You’ll find that it will help fade the look of age spots on your hands.

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