Lime green is so hot right now

Word on the street is, lime green is back.  In the past week I’ve seen girls wearing shorts, skirts and dresses in a range of lemony lime colours verging on neon. (Also, did you see the ombre dress on The Bachelorette? Yup, there was definitely a lovely lime shade in there.) Now, you might be worried about how to wear such a shade. I love it with a soft grey and a (faux) tan or if you’re feeling adventurous pink could also work. I am a child of the ’80s remember? It also works great with black but be wary of the potential bumblebee effect. Here’s a great T-shirt example from Old Navy and here’s how Aritzia chose to style one.          If you aren’t adventurous enough to try a whole look, go for just one accessory. Be it a tie, bangle or scarf. Check out our upcoming issue for some funky accessories in these vibrant hues. –Kate Daley