Leopard print rain boots: Weekly steal

With the recent soggy and then cold (and repeat) weather, these waterproof wellies are perfect for layering your footwear

What it is: Women’s Misty Rain Boot in leopard. Available at Payless stores across the country or, $35.

How to wear it: Take a walk on the wild side in Payless’ Misty Rain Boots in a fun leopard print. Perfect for battling the storm or sloshing around in the snow, these durable, waterproof wonders are bound to bring out your inner feline. Seems too fierce? Rest assured, leopard print is the new neutral and can be embraced by all ages. Play up the pattern by adding a leopard accessory (scarf, hat gloves or even an umbrella) or keep it cool and pair them with an all-black ensemble.

Why I love it: I am leopard-print obsessed and any time I can add it to my wardrobe, I will. So, wearing these beauties puts a serious silver lining on any rain cloud. With the recent soggy weather, these waterproof boots keep me dry and chic. And, at this price point, adding leopard to your collection or testing out the print is easy.

Trick of the trade: For extra cold days, transform your boots into warmer wellies by adding a fleece rain boot liner. Available at many retailers across the country and online, such as L.L. Bean and Etsy. Pop these warm cozy inserts in, and presto you have winter boots.