Lara Beauty

lara beauty

When I first met the lovely founder of Lara Beauty a few months back I was definitely interested in what she was selling. The minimal packaging and website with advice about gently beauty treatment seemed to be something a lot of women were looking for. 

Created in Canada by Arla Litwin, a former accountant, she spent years looking for formulas that wouldn’t irritate her sensitive skin. She founded Lara Beauty in 2008 – with gentle clinically proven anti-aging compounds that combine natural and botanical ingredients.  Without retinol, this is perfect for sensitive ladies who still want anti-aging benefits. And the stuff seems to work! On their site there are testimonials of women from all over who have tried the products and seen results.

The one I like the best so far? The complex 3P3 in the Anti-Aging Daily Therapy. I had no skin irritation and my skin seemed smoother. Try it out for $54 on their site