La Roche-Posay launches skin cancer awareness site

my skin check1
 La Roche-Posay has recently launched a site called that will make it a whole lot easier to keep track of your skin cancer risk.  It was created so that their consumers would be more aware of what can be done to prevent skin cancer and it allows you to track your skin and determine your risk.  You can evaluate your risk level with a quiz on the site and it takes about five seconds. I’m considered high risk (no big surprise there) because of my fair complexion and freckles so they recommended suncare methods that obviously include slathering on a high SPF sunscreen along with other advice. The site also has visuals that can help you determine if your moles are suspect – following the ABCDE method. A- Assymetry B- Border C- Colour D- Diameter E- Evolution You can watch a video on how to check your moles – and you can link to the Canadian Dermatology Association to find a doctor near you. What I liked the most was finding the right sun protection for you – it gives you the best SPF for your skin tone and type. Create an account and the site will help you log your own personal body chart and send you reminder emails to do a self-check. My derm said you should be doing your own skin check monthly with yearly follow ups at the derm if there are any issues.  The site is also available in French. This is a great initiative – but of course,  it in no way replaces a dermatologist –  if you think you’re at risk or just want to monitor your skin as part of your daily health routine this site is an amazing tool.  – Kate Daley