Kiehl's essential-oil perfumes relaunched



I am a fragrance nut. Can’t get enough of it. Be the perfume fresh and crisp and citrusy, a floral with a pungent gardenia twist or sultry and dark and sandalwood-infused, my olfactory interests are happy to experiment.

But it’s not just the aroma that appeals. Part and parcel of wearing perfume for me is buying into the romance of it. So I love a fragrance that’s got some history. I’m a sucker for the spritzes from the big French houses – Chanel, Guerlain, Hermes, for example, that come along with tales of love and world adventure, betrayal and escapism. But I don’t mean to give short shrift to the Americans.

One veteran US brand, better known perhaps for its skincare pedigree, has also stepped back into the perfume business. Kiehl’s, the new York-based apothecary-style beauty brand, relaunches four of its classic essential oil perfumes this month. Musk 1921, Coriander 1946, Vanilla 1968 and Grapefruit 1976 come in amber glass vials with roller-ball applicators to make dabbing on some scent on the go a breeze. The scents are named for the dates the oils were originally launched, but the fun with these is that you can mix and match. I particularly like the Musk and Grapefruit combined: It’s sultry with a sweet, lighthearted twist. And if you love experimenting and custom blending, watch for six additional essences – Amber, Gardenia, Cucumber, Pear, Chinese Flowers and Pour Homme – to hit stores in June. And since the Kiehl’s pharmacy apparently houses 122 unique oils, don’t be surprised if the lineup continues to blossom.


Kiehl’s fragrance oil roller balls, $35 each.


— Deborah Fulsang


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