Justin Bieber's fragrance for his fans

Can't get enough of Justin Bieber? If you said, never (say never), then check out our review of his new scent.


There’s no doubt you’ve seen the life size cut-out of teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber in pharmacies across the country. And while you may not have wept and hugged and taken your photo with him (it), you probably do know more about the guy than you’d like to admit.

Well here’s a little bit more about his new fragrance for her – his female fan base. Like a trip to the candy store, this syrupy scent is laced with top-heavy mandarin and pear, and with a heart of jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood. It’s not exactly subtle, but the super sweet kick is surprisingly alluring – kind of like cheating on a diet.

The bottle, a tween-friendly take on Lola by Marc Jacobs, uses heart shaped petals to mimic a blossoming flower. The charm, a heart locket and key, suggests that every girl can have a little bit of Justin’s love. Cheesy yes, and considering his following it’s a little over-sexualized (check out the commercial!), but this perfume is probably going to make a lot of girls happy. And with the proceeds being donated to The Make-A-Wish Foundation and Pencils of Promise, you may have a hard time resisting the Bieber Fever too – I mean, didn’t you see him in 3D!

Someday, Eau de Parfum by Justin Bieber, 30ml, $42, Shoppers Drug Mart.