It's never too early to start planning your fall wardrobe

My top three picks for fall.


Jacket image/ Mark’s Work Wearhouse


Crop pant image/ Mark’s Work Wearhouse


Suede boots image/ Mark’s Work Wearhouse

I bet when you saw the images in this post you didn’t guess the clothing was from Mark’s Work Wearhouse, right? Either did I. When you think of Mark’s, your immediate thought might be: “this is the place where my husband shops.” It was my initial thought too, but the Fall 2011 preview took me by surprise – in a good way.

Here are three of my top picks for fall:

Suede boots: Just look at those adorable suede booties! They’re not only cute, but comfy with Mark’s Quad Comfort sole. Comfort and style – exactly what we look for in a pair of shoes, right?

Top, $34.99. Cardigan, $44.99. Vest, $64.99. Jeans, $64. Shoes, $99.99.

Crop pant: The equestrian-inspired, pleated crop pant with belt is so chic, and the perfect item to wear to work all year round.

Blouse, $39.99. Pants, $49.99. Cardigan, $58. Bracelet, $19.99.

The splash of feminine pieces at Mark’s was so refreshing. It’s a little early to think about a winter jacket, but the lightweight and slim down-filled jacket is so appealing.

Shirt, $44.99. Jacket, $99.99. Pants, $58. Shoes, $99.99. Scarf, $19.99.

I know, when the sun is shining it’s hard to think about fall, but it’ll be here before we know it. Nonetheless, be sure to pop by Mark’s when fall arrives. Or, make it a date, and shop for your wardrobe together.