Is Dyson’s new $500 hair dryer a beauty game changer?

The British brand, known for its tech-forward (but pricey) vacuums and fans, has just debuted a $500 hair tool.

Dyson Feature

Dyson Supersonic, $500, Dyson Canada.

If its hefty price tag is any indication, the Dyson Supersonic might completely revolutionize your morning routine. But how exactly? It looks more like a karaoke microphone than any hair dryer currently sold in stores. Similar to Dyson’s blade-less room fans, the dryer is a blade-less, hollow cylinder that pumps out a precise stream of air. Some of its technical features, like intelligent heat controls and built-in silencers, stop users from frying their hair and ears.

Also, in traditional salon-quality dryers, the motor sits in the head, making the dryer feel extra heavy — which is especially cumbersome if you’ve got a lot of hair. The Dyson model houses the motor (and all that weight) in the handle, making it easier to use. So is this newfangled hair tool worth the 500 bucks? You’ll have to wait ’til the Supersonic hits stores in August to find out.

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