Holiday party: Six ways to go from office to evening

How to transform an outfit from day to night and create the perfect party outfit

Holiday party look

Now that the holiday party season is in full swing, cut down on dressing up with these simple office-to-party tips. Darren Mason, owner of Andrews in Bayview Village, shares six easy ways to turn your office attire into a party-perfect outfit.

Six ways to go from day to holiday soiree:

1. Start with a basic like a neutral colour dress or even black slim-fitting pants and a white blouse.

2. Make sure what you choose is comfortable and fits you well – if you’re not comfortable, you won’t feel confident.

3. When heading out for the night, add some fun accessories – like a bright-coloured clutch or a sexy heel – to transition to an evening look.

4. Add some special pieces of jewelry to add sparkle and interest to an outfit and make it party-ready.

5. To really stand out, add some eye-catching sequin details – on a sweater, handbag or even shoes – to help you get into the party mood.

6. Use fur to your advantage. Wear a fur shrug or vest to add some sophistication to your work look while also keeping you warm at night.