High heel woes

I love high heels. But right now they don’t love me. Since fracturing my kneecap in October after a fall on a slippery floor, I haven’t been able to wear any of the fun and fashionable shoes I so adore. I did invest in a great pair of patent boots for the winter that are sturdy and warm but I miss my lovely stilettos.

Once my knee decides to behave enough that I can actually cope with the painful angle of my favourite heels I am going to make darn well sure that there are no slippery floors in my near future.

Enter Heart Stoppers. These little non-slip shoe pads are cuter than the boring grey ones you can pick up at the shoe store and add a little more fun to this practical accessory. Made from P.V.C. they are apparently also effective on black ice. Now that is something us Canadians could use! I’m going to stick these puppies on the bottoms of all my slippery-soled dress shoes and say a little prayer for warm weather soon. 


These retail online for $9.


–Kate Daley