Hermès cuff anyone?

hermes bracelet
I love pretty much everything about Hermès. The craftmanship (if you didn’t see our Style Icon on the scarves you should check it out), the designs, and the history of the pieces. While the scarves are a beautiful lifelong investment for any age group, I have personally been vying for one of their exquisite and yet not-exactly-in-my-budget bracelets. Their leather cuffs and watches are so lust-worthy I can’t even express how much I want one. And now at just the cost of a little ink and a piece of paper you can make your very own. Seriously? Oh yes. First step, go onto the Hermès website. Browse around in the “learn about the world of Hermes” section, find the little drawing on the right that says “I want it I have to have it” and voila, a printable bracelet of your very own. There are even instructions along with the cut-outs on how to make it. Whether you’re having your very own high-fashion tea party for kids or you’re artistic enough to create this and rock it yourself, this is a very exciting idea. Here’s the link in case you can’t find it. And you can download different colours and patterns! – Kate Daley