Help stop bullying with a special piece of jewelry

The duo behind the cult favourite jewelry line have created a special piece dedicated to putting a stop to bullying.

The Right Hand Gal

Today marks a fun and treat-filled day catered to kids, but many of these same children are facing the painful and growing reality of bullying.  

Across the country, various groups and individuals are working to fight this epidemic by marking a day in October, starting their own grassroots initiative, or taking a stand on their own. Joining the fight are Canadian sisters, Shawna and Randi Herlich, the duo behind editor favourite jewelry line, The Right Hand Gal who’ve created a special piece called Noble (noble = no bull). Clever, right?

Engraved with a bull on the front, each triple-plated rose pendant is individually marked with a unique number on the back. “We wanted each child to feel special, like they had their own number, but at the same time that they were part of a bigger community that supported them,” says Randi. The leather strap makes it easy and safe for kids and adults to wear it close to their heart as a necklace or it can be wrapped around a wrist and worn as a bracelet.

A long list of celebrities are already on board: actress Olivia Wilde sports #160, singer Chantal Kreviazuk has #169, and funny man Russell Peters wears #143.

Their goal is to sell 1,000,000 pieces, and the proceeds are being donated to various anti-bullying initiatives and campaigns across North America.

Now that’s noble.

Noble pendant, $45, The Right Hand Gal