Happy Birthday, Maybelline!

Tried and true, the iconic pink and green mascara turns 40.


Probably the most famous and identifiable mascara of all time – it just happens to be the first beauty product I ever bought – this iconic little bottle is celebrating 40 years. It’s the green and pink one that can be found in every makeup artists’ kit and that is an everyday go-to product.

To commemorate the big b-day bash, Maybelline has added Great Lash ‘Lots of Lashes’ (or LOL) to the line.

The new pine cone shaped brush is designed to reach the tiniest inner lashes, and those fussy baby bottom ones. It’s the wand I prefer – easier to use and more precise than the original shape.

Maybelline Great Lash Lot’s of Lashes Mascara, $6.50,