Summer hair: Five steps to beautiful beachy waves

This might be the perfect summer hair style: low maintenance and fresh-from-the-beach sexy. Find out how to get it.

Rose Byrne hair

Rose Byrne’s beachy waves

1. Start by applying a sea salt spray (there are many brands available) to damp hair. Begin at the root to encourage volume and spray it about half way down your hair.

2. Gently scrunch your tresses to work up a wave. But remember, the less you fuss, the less frizz there will be so try to move your hands down the hair shaft instead of up as much as possible.

3. To tame fly-aways and frizz, use a small amount of wave cream (it will depend on the thickness of your hair) to twirl around the ends of your hair. This will also help to create the piecey, random quality to the look.

4. If you want to add some extra waves, use a curling iron to curl a few small sections of hair in different directions, so that the wave is not uniform. Then use a brush to comb out and deconstruct the curls.

5. Lastly, once your hair is nearly dry, spritz in a little hair spray to hold the whole look.