4 ways to repair damaged hair

Frizz, dryness and broken strands can strike at any moment, but with a little time, love and tenderness, it's easy to repair your hair.

The damage: Colouring
Over-processing is one of the most vicious perpetrators of hair damage. “Once the pigment is removed, you get into a zone where you can cause a lot of breakage because the hair shaft is weakened,” says L’Oréal Professionnel ambassador Brennan Demelo. Thankfully, there are deep-conditioning products and treatments that bring chemically damaged hair back to life. Look for strengthening and hydrating ingredients like keratin and oils. Pureology strength cure cleansing conditioner, $37.


The damage: Brushing
Tangles are a fact of life, but keep your aggression in check when brushing them out, or your hair could snap in half like a piece of uncooked spaghetti, resulting in irreparable frizziness (hair is very fragile when wet). Always start at the bottom and work your way up using a wide-tooth comb. Bumble and Bumble full potential hair preserving booster spray, $70. 


The damage: Heat styling
It’s about as fun as watching paint dry, but resist the temptation to blast your mane on high to get your blow-dry over with. “You’re essentially sizzling and burning your hair,” says Demelo. Always use protection when a flat iron or curling rod is involved. Spritz on a light, misting product that adds moisture to keep hair strong, hydrated and resistant to breakage. If you’re using hot tools on your hair right after blow-drying, give it a chance to cool down first. Pantene Pro-V  heat potion serum, $12. 


The damage: Exposure
In the summer, UV rays and too much time spent in the water can dehydrate your hair, making it brittle, and winter’s harsh winds and low temperatures can have the same drying effect. So incorporate some much-needed TLC time into your daily routine with hydrating shampoos, masks, conditioners and treatments. Klorane leave-in cream with desert date, $13.


Quick Fix: Exhausted hair needs R&R. Here are four of our favourite intense treatments.

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