Guest Blogger: Beautylicious hair experience

after before
Copy editor Vanessa Milne shares her experience at Beautylicious: A few weeks ago, holding a new pack of bobby pins in Shoppers, I realized that my plan (grow out my hair into my natural, flowing locks) had gone awry: my locks were a mousey, flat-yet-triangular, un-styleable mess. It was time to cough up $50 for a haircut. Perhaps sensing my plight (or just seeing my hair), Kate suggested I scoot up to Yorkville to take advantage of their Beautylicious event. (Modelled after Toronto’s popular discount foodie fest Winterlicious, it offered first-time customers deals in dozens of Yorkville spas, salons and shops October 28th to November 7th). I went to Marc Anthony Salon, where they said they’ve been kept plenty busy by the event, and got a $155 cut and colour for a Beautylicious price. I got extremely subtle highlights, which the colourist promised could just grow out, and a great cut (my flirty-fun hairdresser agreed with me on the plan: “Same length, different shape.”) It looks great! I only hope my regular hairdresser can imitate it until Beautylicious’s deals come around again next year. BEFORE: AFTER: – Vanessa Milne