Green hair for Earth Day-well, not literally

Most of us blow dry, flat iron, and curl the hell out of our hair. It involves hours of hard work, strain and also electricity. So we talked to the folks at David Babaii for WildAid (the eco-chic hair care line celebrity stylist Babaii created with Kate Hudson) about some tips for saving the planet, one less blow dry at a time.

Babaii suggests going “au naturel.” Kind of scary, I agree. But as the weather warms up and we don’t need to worry about our hair freezing the moment we step outdoors, I think it could be a fun challenge to try this out.

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Here are some of Babaii’s suggestions for style without electricity or excess water. (These are also great tips for travellers’ if you’ve ever backpacked or gone to a developing country you realize, there’s no way you’re going to shower every day or blow dry.) So, here goes:

Get curls and texture without styling tools For long hair:

1. Wash hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to give hair body. David recommends his Amplifying Shampoo/Conditioner, both $13.

2. Spray your whole head with a beach spray. There are a few out there with salt to help texturize your hair so it will hold that “fresh out of the water look’. Try David Babaii for WildAid Bohemian Beach Spray ‘ it’s a non-aerosol which contains sea salt and rich volcanic ash to give hair texture. $13.

3. Scrunch or twist sections before allowing to air dry.

4. To set it all in place, lightly spray your hair with an eco-friendly spray. Try David Babaii for WildAid Mise en Plis Extra Hold Styling Spray $15.

For short hair:

1. Wash the hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.

2. Spray your head with beach spray.

3. Add in a moulding paste and play around with the texture. Make it messy and easy ‘ trust us, this usually looks really natural on those with a cropped cut.

Get Glam Using Household Items

For loose and wavy curls, use old soda pop cans or water bottles as hair rollers if you’re really resourceful. Or a new toothbrush can be used to back brush, add volume to the roots, or even sweep away those fly-a-ways with a small dab of hair polish or moulding paste.

Fresh hair without shampooing

Use less water and avoid oily hair and buildup. Babaii recommends using baby powder to eliminate oils and leave your hair feeling refreshed. Sprinkle on a tiny amount; work it in with your hands and then brush through. He also suggests dabbing a damp cotton pad around the hairline and roots to eliminate any excess oil.

Wake up with style

Wash you hair with a volumizing shampoo right before bed. Detangle hair with a comb, let it air dry for a few minutes and then braid hair in smaller sections. Tie with an elastic and keep the braids loose (for less texture) or tight (for more texture), says Babaii. Spray your hair with a beach spray once you’ve put in the braids and then sleep tight. In the morning, undo braids and add in some more beach spray to give it some texture.

*This is one of Babaii’s favourite looks!

Find David Babaii for WildAid products on The Shopping Channel at or 1-888-2020-888.

-Kate Daley