The Most Noteworthy Red Carpet Looks From The Grammys

The accessory of the night was a white rose, worn in support of the Time’s Up movement.


Chrissy Teigen and Lady Gaga on the Grammys 2018 red carpet

It’s music’s biggest night, and as always, that means some over-the-top outfits. This year’s Grammys were no different, with Lady Gaga in a black lace jumpsuit under a huge black skirt, Chrissy Teigen in super-glam silver and Pink in a ton of jewel-toned feathers.

The accessory of the night was a white rose, worn to show support for the Time’s Up movement and the newly formed Voices in Entertainment group. Some of the attendees carried long-stemmed flowers, some wore blooms pinned to their gowns and some even had floral embroidery on their lapels.

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<b>Chrissy Teigen</b>


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