Goop there it is

Wouldn’t everyone love to look just as stylish as Gwyneth Paltrow? I know I want to be a bit more like her for the following reasons:

-she’s in her late thirties and looks amazing in a mini-skirt,

-she previously dated Brad Pitt,

-she has a personal trainer and the time to sculpt every muscle on her body,

-and finally she is a successful movie star.

But since none of the above are in the cards right now (come on now, Brad is with Angelina for the moment) we can only attempt to emulate some of her style.  Yup, Gwyneth has her own website called Goop. Why you ask? Good question. It’s slightly condescending and a bit maddening to read and yet it’s so addicting.

Under the “Get” category in her blog she describes her fashionable pursuits. She says that now that she’s a mother she doesn’t have time to figure out what to wear so she just sticks to the classics: a good old Gucci shoe, a Chanel dress, the usual. Clearly this website will drive you a bit nuts because she suggests mini-skirts and Louboutins as regular wear but her suggestions are helpful in theory. In her blog called “my uniform” she shows pictures of herself in different outfits (kind of like playing dress up with the stars) and pairs different pieces together to make cute outfits.

From Goop's October newsletter


Check it out. There are different categories too, ranging from foods Paltrow likes to make, to places she likes to stay when she travels. The holiday detox diet is pretty hilarious. It’s basically water and veggies for a week. No thank you, but I will take what I can from her style advice.


And yes, I signed up for her newsletter which I kind of love. Let the fascination continue. 


–Kate Daley