Golf gets chic

When we think of golf apparel, what usually comes to mind ain’t flattering. Knee-high white socks, gut-enhancing pleated shorts and stuffy collared shirts. But since ladies have started hitting the links, the styles have also, like the game, clearly gotten more fashionable. There is still a lot of bad style out there but thankfully companies like Quagmire, started by two young Canadian guys have helped change the trends in golf style. Their slogan reads “not fit for the fairway” and it seems that they are intent on adding some funkier and fun wares to the game of golf.

These PTN shorts are easy to wash and wear. They have a bit of seersucker crinkle in them and are knee-length so they’re appropriate for the club. (Golf club that is.) $69.

This polka-dot babydoll dress will take you from the greens to the clubhouse without any fuss. $79.  

The onesy and the weekday are both 100 percent lightweight cotton and are perfect weekend ensembles on or off the golf course. $69.

Quagmire Golf clothes retail all over Canada so check out their site for more details. Even if you only golf sporadically, it’s good to have some wardrobe options. I’m a big fan of the onesy ‘ they’re like jumpsuits for golf. Love it.

– Kate Daley