Get Soaked

I’m always on the hunt for environmentally-friendly alternatives for my daily life. Whether it be using chemical-free body creams or paraben-free mascaras, I know I’m not alone in trying to rid my life of toxins.

That’s why this next product grabbed me. 

Soak Wash, a biodegradable, eco-friendly laundry solution is launching at all  Sears locations across the country this month. 

Phosphate-free, it contains no dyes and all of the bottles are recyclable. The ingredients are skin-grade quality, meaning they’re gentle enough to bathe in (though I wouldn’t recommend it) but it means that the product won’t harm your skin when you hand wash. 

Bonus: It’s all manufactured here in Canada. 

Created for use on delicate knits, this wash is ideal for lingerie, cashmere and silk. Hand-washers alert: Because it’s a low suds formulation it won’t take forever to rinse. (If you’ve ever hand-washed a lot of clothing at once, that’s a major issue.) You can also wash your unmentionables on your machine’s delicate cycle if you aren’t a hand-washing type of girl (or guy).


It comes in four scents and most importantly a scentless formula for those who have sensitive skin. (I’m a big proponent of scentless products for anyone who has any skin sensitivities.)

What grabbed me about this product was that it has mini travel-sized packets. If you’ve ever backpacked or even just travelled for a long time, sometimes you end up washing some basics in the sink and mini-washes like these would be perfect. 





How to use it?  Pour 1 teaspoon into a gallon of cool water. Soak for 15 minutes and then squeeze out water. You don’t even need to rinse them. Then lay your items flat to dry. You can also dab it on stains to spot treat.

    The prices are $1.25 for a single, $15 per a dozen minis and $16 for the full-sized bottle.(They’ve also teamed up with Triumph Lingerie for a gift-with-purchase initiative at Sears this month and next so you can try it out on your new skivvies.)     Find it at Sears, Toronto’s bra boutique Secrets From Your SisterSwimwear Etc. and Stitch It –Kate Daley