Get a Clean Start with Dermalogica

clean start
I have a little obsession with all things Dermalogica. It’s slightly unhealthy only because my nighttime routine (as my boyfriend and roommate can attest to) takes me about an hour. I slather myself in all of their creams and serums and of course use their daily microfoliant and my newest favourite, their Clean Start line. Formulated for teens, this line has low levels of salicylic acid and is gentle on young skin. I’m definitely no teenager – far from it – but I was really interested in trying the products out and they have really worked for my active lifestyle. Plus the packaging is really cute and their core products all comes in a starter pack that is easy and convenient.-

So what’s my favourite product? I cannot live without their Wash Off Foaming Wash. It easily removes makeup and helps clear up any breakouts. Also perfect for the summer is the All Over Clear Purifying Toner. Spritz it on your face, chest and back and it has a small amount of salicylic acid that is ideal in preventing breakouts for those who are working out a lot in the heat.

Buy this product for your teens or try it out for yourself (though Dermalogica has Medi-Bac an adult acne line that rocks!). The products are also key for teaching your teen to establish a healthy skin routine that will take them into adulthood – it includes a moisturizer with SPF 15, face wash, toner and spot specific treatments all in one lovely kit. Oh and don’t forget the mask and exfoliator combo – you can use it to exfoliate alone or leave it on and it acts as a mask. Genius!

Clean Start is available at Sephora and the starter kit is $45. Trust me, its’ worth the investment!

-Kate Daley