From sandals to boots

Keen Bern boots keen sandals

If you’re ever going travelling to a developing country or anywhere where you’ll be hiking a ton but in a super hot climate, you’ve got to try out KEEN sandals. While not necessarily the most fashion-forward footwear they are fabulous for protecting your toes from broken glass, twigs, and most importantly from stubbing your toes. A friend recommended them and I seriously loved them for comfort and safety.

But because it’s no longer sandal season, this recommendation is likely falling on deaf ears. But wait, KEEN also has winter boots! If their sandals are any indication of the quality of their cold weather footwear then count me in for these. Retailing for $220 you can find them on the KEEN website and at a variety of retailers across the country. (If you can’t find them send me an email and I can share the stores.)

If you have any winter boot recommendations I’d love to hear about them!

– Kate Daley