For those steamy summer days

Lavanilla lab deoderant Kiehl's deoderant Biotherm Deo Pure
Things are heating up across the country. In Toronto, the thermostat will hit 30 degrees today and continue climbing. This is bad news for those without air conditioning. (It’s becoming one of those too-hot-to-sleep kind of weeks already.) And in the heat of the summer months smelling pretty matters more than ever. For those who are trying to go more natural but don’t want to smell like patchouli, a few brands have come out with some natural deodorant options I thought I’d share.       Biotherm ‘s Deo Pure Natural Protect This deodorant isn’ t messing around. It’s organically-certified, paraben- free, aluminum salts-free and contains corn extracts and botanical extracts like aloe vera, and organic orange. Plus the fragrance is 100 percent natural. I also really like the roller ball applicator.                           Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant & Deoderant Cream While this does have aluminum in it, this product differs from other ones on the market because of its witch hazel, lemon, orange and linseed extracts. It’s gentle, and also has skin conditioning benefits and will help make shaving (which is much more necessary in these sleeveless months) a lot easier. I love the tube as well with its squeezable bottle yet rounded applicator so you can apply as much or as little as you need.                         Lavanilla Labatories, The Healthy Deoderant.  This one has no chemicals, parabens, or aluminum and comes in fresh scents like lavender and vanilla. But it’s also subtle enough that it won’t compete with your summer spritzes.           I love all these options but feel free to send me your recommendations! –Kate Daley