Five flea-market shopping tips from a pro

1. Pack light
“I always wear a messenger/cross-body bag.  That way my hands are free, and I won’t have to worry about putting my bag down and misplacing it. I also only pack necessities to keep it from getting too heavy.

When it is cooler in the fall and winter months I usually don’t bring a bag at all. I will just wear a utility or military coat that has a lot of pockets.”

2. Forget fancy footwear

“Comfy shoes are a must! In the spring/summer I wear Converse, and in the fall I wear my Fiorentini and Baker boots.”

3. Layer up your outfit

“Dressing in layers is a must especially if you arrive early when it is cooler.  By the time the afternoon rolls around it can get quite hot.

In the summer months, I almost always wear a dress with a bathing suit underneath making it easy to try things on.”

4. Be and early bird

“Heading to the markets early is great for a handful of reasons: The streets are quiet on Sunday mornings and you don’t get stuck in traffic, you get better parking and there’s a better selection (although dealers are less likely to bargain as much first thing in the morning. You get can much lower prices as the afternoon unfolds).

5. Be open

“Lastly, I never really go in search of one thing, I keep an open mind and let the things I am drawn to find me.”