Faux Glow

Get that sun-kissed look without sacrificing your skin

Summer is just around the corner, and that means before long we’ll be slipping into shorts, tanks and sunglasses. If you want your winter-weary complexion to match the sunny mood outside, get a safe bronzed J.Lo-like glow with makeup.

Powder power
The fastest option is to brush-on a powder bronzer. But don’t rush the brush—metallic powders highlight dry skin patches. So the first step is to exfoliate your skin. To keep flakes at bay, apply moisturizer. If you need a little extra coverage, apply foundation and brush on a loose translucent powder to set your makeup (bronzer will streak if applied to dewy skin). Apply the bronzer with a big, fluffy powder brush. Avoid tiny brushes that come with the bronzer compacts, because you’ll end up with unnatural stripes. Brush your entire face: from your hairline to under your jaw and down your neck. Keep the rest of your makeup simple—a stroke of mascara and glossy lips are all you need!

Liquid luster
At a recent photo shoot in Mexico, Tony Masciangelo, our makeup artist, used a liquid bronzer called Nars Body Glow (available at Holt Renfrew) on the models’ skin. He applied a moisturized first, and then poured a quarter size drop of bronzer on to his palm. He blended it in his hands first and then rubbed it all over their arms, legs and neckline. The effect: A gorgeous shimmering bronze highlight.

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