Fashionable Find: handmade Canadian jewellery

I love discovering new and innovative designers from across the world. Whether it’s in a market in West Africa or a crafty store in small town Ontario, going outside of the shopping mall always introduces you to a whole new world of accessories and fun finds. I have friends who are obsessed with a little site known as etsy – feel free to spend your entire paycheque now – and this is one place that this newfound designer sells their wares.  It’s called k-ah-ree and it’s created by Kari Serrao. Each piece is handmade, with vintage ribbons, belt buckles, and other materials that are cute without being overly kitschy – and I love some good kitsch.

Check out the website at The pieces are $45 to $325 and worth the price because it depends on the complexity of the design. Buy them online here:   Oh and you can get some pieces custom-made! Enjoy! – Kate Daley