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Rock star
Your perfect mate knows how to have a good time. He never misses a party and boy, can he throw one. Sure, he’s not all that organized and often doesn’t get out of bed until 1 p.m., but so what? He’s sweet, sexy and self-centred in a charming sort of way. His frivolous nature allows you to take care of the serious business. He rarely disputes your plans, although he might not follow through with them.
Things to watch out for: A potential dead end. If you’re looking for long-term commitment make sure this guy is capable of providing it.

Bay Street hot shot
You like a guy who knows how to get ahead. He dresses immaculately and always pays attention to the details. He’s constantly networking and knows who can help him move forward and who can’t—that’s part of his success. His early retirement is in the works, including the beach-side summer home.
Things to watch out for: Avoid becoming his showpiece. Also, callous moves to get ahead might needs taming.

Class clown
Your type can have the whole room laughing within minutes of arrival. He’s always got a story or a witty comment. No one can say a bad thing about him and he’ll lift your spirits whenever you need it.
Things to watch out for: When it’s time to get serious, this guy may have trouble. He lives life in the here and now, making planning challenging.

Adventure lover
Whether he’s backpacking through the wilderness in Peru or training for a triathlon, you like a guy who’s an adrenalin junky. His body is his temple, hence the fridge full of alfalfa sprouts and cupboards stocked with vitamins. His discipline and respect for himself, which spills over to you, is impressive.
Things to watch out for: Craving McDonald’s is a sign of weakness in his eyes. Training for his next event might put you in second place. And don’t put on the “I have an infinite amount of energy” front unless you can follow through—if you can’t keep it up you’re doomed.

Rocket scientist
You prefer someone who will never stop challenging your intellect. He’s smart and independent and is on a constant search for knowledge. His tastes are eclectic—from Sci-fi to fine art, you never know what he’s going to get into. Discovering things together is stimulating and quenches your thirst for self-discovery.
Things to watch out for: His over-logical nature can lead to inflexibility. He won’t decide something’s right until it’s been thoroughly investigated. Instincts are not his forte.

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