What it takes to rule the runway

Our senior beauty editor breaks down L'Oréal Fashion Week by the numbers

When I attended L’Oréal Fashion Week in Toronto to see what Canadian fashion designers had in store for us this spring, I managed to score a behind-the-scenes visit to see what really goes on before a fashion show. The makeup tables were barely visible; each held enough beauty booty to make over a small village. So what does it take to make the runways come alive with colour? Read on.

1,640 lipsticks and lip glosses
405 models
20 minutes to make up each of the models
45 minutes to create and perfect the average hairstyle
100 tubes of gel and 100 cans of mousse to get those locks looking perfect
200 mascaras

All this to create the look for each 20-minute show at L’Oréal Fashion Week.