Wearing sequins during the day: yay or nay?

Glittering in the sunshine is no longer reserved solely for vampires of the Twilight saga. The fall runways are full of radiant sequined pieces that are just begging to see the light of day


Sequin cardigan, J.Crew

song jun wan spring 2012

Song Jung Wan Spring 2012 (Photo: Fernanda Calfat/

sequin heidi klum

Michael Kors, Heidi Klum and Nina Garcia at New York Fashion Week (Photo: Fernanda Calfat/

Q: Can I wear sequins for day?

A: Yes, but only if you want to look like a radiant beauty. Oh, you do want to look like a radiant beauty? Okay, well good, because there’s no better time to shine! The fall runways were set aglow with sequins, beading and even a little lamé that glinted under the spotlights. Dresses were the most popular forms for molten silver, gold and bronze. Highlights include a long sleeve pewter and silver mini at Balmain, a pleated lamé maxi at Mulberry, a blush-toned modern day flapper frock, complete with dancing strands of sparkle, at Altuzarra, and a divine slim, sequined mid-calf sheath from Canada’s Arthur Mendonça. Now, a fully sequin dress may be a bit much for everyday, but there are totally wearable pieces available that can bring a sprinkle of sparkle to your wardrobe. And they deserve to see the light of day.

There are two ways to wear sparkle during the day. The first is to choose pieces that are obviously dressy. The other option is to look for causal pieces that have been bedazzled in some way. If you choose the first route, my personal fave, know that the first rule of wearing something very sparkly for 9-5 is that opposites attract. You must pair something dressy with something less dressy. Otherwise you will end up looking like you attended a cocktail party last night, and didn’t have time to change. Try a gold skirt with a striped long sleeve t-shirt, or a slouchy knit. Or pair a sequin cardigan with slim cargo pants. See: dressy and not so dressy.

Footwear plays a big role here: tough-chic boots or simple flats are always good bets. Any overly ladylike heel can create a greater divide between party-ready pieces and their everyday casual friends. The trick is to dress down the rest of your outfit, keep jewelry minimal and let the dressiest item be a star all on its own.

For option two, there are loads of choices. I love t-shirts, tops and blazers that have been dressed up in someway with sequins, such as a monochromatic striped knit with beaded bands. These are super easy to add into your wardrobe and can go with jeans, cargo pants, dress pants and skirts. Really, any place you would add a regular t-shirt, a slightly sequined t-shirt can step in and steal the show, without going over the top. With such a minimal amount of sparkle you’ll never look over-dressed and those items will always feel special, because they are. Now, go towards the glitter!

Try: Sequin mist cardigan, $114.99, J.Crew.