The Coolest Backpacks For Your Daily Commute

10 picks that are too cool for school.

On a daily basis, I can be found lugging around my laptop, lunch, gym clothes, water bottle, makeup bag, at least three different charging cables and a book. I have yet to find a purse big enough to hold all of these items and stuffing everything into a tote bag results in an overflowing, disorganized mess—so, I rely on a backpack.

Lucky for me, backpacks have risen in popularity over the past few years. Unlike the ones that your dad might’ve taken on vacation in the 90s (read: super bulky, covered in zippers, with a pocket for literally anything you could imagine), these handy accessories have had a serious makeover. Brands like Herschel and Away are now coming out with designs that are more sleek and sophisticated that won’t totally ruin the rest of my outfit, or more importantly, my back.

Last year, Dr. Ayla Azad, an Ajax-based chiropractor and VP of the Ontario Chiropractic Association, told Chatelaine that carrying a jam-packed purse can cause injuries and other ailments, including back and shoulder pain, poor posture, muscle spams and numbness. Backpacks help distribute the weight of all your items evenly and can minimize these symptoms when worn properly. “Carry the backpack with both straps, wearing it snug against your back, not loose and hanging down by your butt,” Azad said. So basically, investing in a new backpack is just what the doctor ordered.

If you’re ready to break up with your tote bag, but also want to avoid looking like you’re entering your first day of 6th Grade, shop these practical, yet cute, backpacks to schlep your belongings in style.