What the fob? A primer on the cutest new purse accessory

What is a purse fob and how can it breathe new life into a basic bag? To Instagram we go!

At first glance, it would appear that a race of tiny fuzzballs has nuzzled its way into Instagram’s fashion set. What’s that on your leg, @Elastyle?!

Before you call an exterminator, allow us to fact-check: That’s a purse fob — or in social media–speak,  a #pursefob — which is essentially a decorative ornament often clipped onto watches, keychains and now stylish satchels. Even fashion plate @oliviapalermo has been caught fob-ing:

As has Chiara Ferragni, jet-setting bloggess at The Blonde Salad:

But these quirky fobs aren’t reserved exclusively for the sartorial elite. Here are few options to clip on your own bag.