The perfect pedicure

Pretty feet in eight simple steps

No time to dash to the salon? No problem – here’s how to get a professional pedicure at home:

1. Strip Remove old polish.

2. Clip Cut nails straight across and not too short. Try clipping in small snips rather than one big cut, which can make dry nails split and break.

3. Smooth File rough nail edges.

4. Soak Apply cuticle remover and soak feet in warm water to soften and cleanse.

5. Scrub Massage in a grainy scrub to buff rough patches and then smooth your feet with a foot file or pumice stone. An invigorating scrub, such as OPI Jojoba Glo Scrub for hands, feet and body, 60 g, $17, loosens dead skin. Next, use Revlon Foot Smoother, $13, to remove rough patches and calluses.

6. Define Gently push back softened cuticles with an orange stick. Never snip cuticles – they protect your nails from infection.

7. Moisturize Dry feet and massage in a rich foot cream or gel packed with a refreshing ingredient such as mint. We like Diva Girl Body Shea Foot Butter, 125 g, $20, or Diva Girl Body Cool Peppermint Foot Gel, 125g, $16.

8. Paint Dry toes. Apply a base coat, two coats of nail polish and a topcoat. For colour suggestions click here.