The '80s trend that is finally back in fashion

And hugging the shoulders of Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.

Remember the ’80s? If you’ve all but repressed your bad school photos and Muppet Baby lunch boxes, a) same; and b) here’s a wee recap: ‘Twas a neon-soaked decade when Culture Club and Cyndi Lauper reigned supreme, hairstyles nearly broke the stratosphere and shoulder fashion bounced between mad padding and, well, nothing at all. If spring affords us the right to bare arms, this year, all the stylish ladies are fighting for their right to bare clavicles in surprisingly stylish off-the-shoulder tops. A few real-life examples:

Awash in understated black and white, even bell sleeves and naked shoulders look refined — never Flashdance-y.

Feel free to experiment with colour: A deep navy hue takes the Coachella out of this peasant silhouette.

And finally, here’s Sophie Grégoire Trudeau with proof that you don’t need to live at an equatorial latitude — or be fellow Canuck Robin Sparkles — to rock this Greta Constantine number:

Game to try the trend yourself? Peek below for some shoppable options:

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