Pretty party prep

Three makeup looks to suit the holiday occasion

Fresh-faced in five

It’s been back-to-back meetings, or your babes have been high-maintenance all day, and you’ve got a party to get to. No problem says makeup artist Lisa Aharon. Get fresh and fabulous in five. Her secret? Creams. “You don’t need a brush, which is especially great if you’re looking in the rear-view mirror to apply,” she laughs.


Skin Fake a base with concealer or simply use it for touch-ups or disguising a blemish.
Cheeks and lips Cream shadow and blush are easy to apply and can be blended using your fingertips. Cream cheek colour multi-tasks on the lips, too. And go low-tech, Aharon says. “I love the pinch of the cheeks and lips.” Use thermal water to refresh and hydrate your face in a second.
Try: Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray, 150 mL/$14.

Femme in 15

Impress your boss or your partner by turning up primped and pretty to the holiday fete. With a full 15, go for a rosy, ruby-lipped look. Just don’t tell them you worked the wardrobe switch in the cloakroom.


Skin Use concealer as a base and clean up that canvas. Aharon’s fave: Clé de Peau Correcteur, $85. “It’s the best concealer in the whole world,” she says.
Eyes Go for cream eyeshadow – the makeup artist especially loves the cream shadows from M.A.C. “They don’t move,” she says. Blend well, then apply mascara. Yes, you’ve got time.
Cheeks Cream colour is fast and pretty.
Lips Go for the de rigueur red mouth. “For day, a stained lip is easy to wear. For evening, step it up a notch by prepping with a tiny bit of balm,” Aharon says. “Blot. Then apply the dark red colour on the inside centre of the lip and blend out with the finger so you get a diffused outer edge.” For a matte stain, and for staying power, dust on powder.

Vanity vixen in 25

You’ve got time to run home, change and grab a half-hour to pretty-up. You’re laughing. You can easily get glowing skin and dramatic eyes.


Skin Start the ETD countdown with a tinted moisturizer or light foundation as your base, then pull out your concealer as before. There’s time for a little loose powder to calm the T-zone. Aharon’s fave: Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder, $44.
Eyes “Use a light application of eye cream so that your concealer doesn’t look cakey,” Aharon suggests. “A little foundation or concealer on the lids help even out the colour and create a base for your cream shadow.” Use a khol or eyeliner pencil and blend your line into the crease over your shadow or cream. Aharon’s fave: Chanel Intense Eye Pencil, $23. You can also use a “fluffy” – read, natural-hairbrush – with your creams, too.
Cheeks Liquid face colour delivers gorgeous luminosity. “Dab a few dots on the cheeks or add to your foundation for an all-over glow,” Aharon says. Aharon’s fave: Benefit Moon Beam iridescent complexion highlighter, $26.
Lips A pinkish-nude gloss makes for a most au courant pout.

Drama in 55

The luxury of a pre-party hour is one that should not go to waste, so pour your favourite libation and head to the tub. Draw a bath, throw on a little Beyoncé and get in the mood.


Skin Take the time to exfoliate, says Aharon. “You’ll look so dewy, like you just jetted back from a hot-springs spa. Then maybe do a hydrating masque, or a serious moisture treatment.” The makeup artist advises leaving your moisturizer on for two or three minutes before applying a foundation or concealer. And, she says, while you’re waiting, groom your brows. “If I’m not applying foundation I like to put my cream cheek and eye colours on right away so they blend easily with my moisturizer.”
Nails Nothing puts a party girl into the swing of things like a pedicure. And with a blissful hour, pay a little attention to your nails (fingers and toes). Paint them as soon as you’ve left the bath – and moisturized, of course – to allow toes optimum drying time before donning those strappy heels. Aharon’s tip: a drop of almond oil or quick-dry spray cuts wait time and prevents smudging.