12 Cute (And Practical!) Mini Backpacks

Meet summer's MVP.

Tiny bags may be adorable (who doesn’t like miniature things?), but they’re not exactly practical. (We’re looking at you, Jacquemus.) While we’re not lugging around as much stuff as we once did now that many of us are working from home, size does matter when it comes to handbags. A good one should at least fit your phone, hand sanitizer, a spare mask and maybe even a bottle of water and a snack. That’s why we’re calling it now—mini backpacks will be summer’s MVP.

Roomy enough for all your essentials, this downsized childhood staple is perfect for every occasion. Try it and you’ll see—there’s something liberating about going hands-free and giving the crook of your elbow or your right shoulder a break with a purse that can be slung on your back.

From a multifunctional pick with interchangeable straps to one that doubles as a cooler for your picnic, we’ve rounded up the cutest mini backpacks to shop this summer.