Look luxe for less

Try our tips for looking like a million bucks — even if you don’t have the bank account to match

Affordable fashion

Accessorize yourself
A plain white tee and jeans is nothing to write home about but throw on a chunky statement necklace and bam, you’ve got a “look”. Costume jewellery is the number one way to elevate your wardrobe. Look for vintage pieces at markets or find runway-inspired pieces at your local boutiques. Make sure to buy items that are of semi-reasonable quality so you can wear them for longer than one season. 

Take care
Many budget-friendly lines look great until you throw them in the wash. Hand-wash any silk or synthetics that can tug or pull in the wash and your items will look crisp and fresh for longer. And read the labels — you can find many pieces made with high quality materials such as a cashmere blend at a fraction of the cost in mass retailers.

Choose the right pieces
Pick and choose your trendy pieces wisely to avoid looking over-styled. Before you go shopping, take a peek at recent issues of fashion magazines and the latest runway shows for inspiration. If you see something akin to the latest runway style make sure it has longevity and fits into your wardrobe.

Fancy footwear
Who doesn’t love a pair of affordable flats or bargain sandals? For some items, a good deal is fine and dandy. In other cases, such as statement-making leather riding boots or black pumps it can be worth it to save up and buy one really nice pair. Shoes will get you noticed so for the long-term invest in quality. For the rest of your fun footwear, you can buy the latest trendy gladiator heel and dance the night way.

Invest in just one big piece
It’s no secret that it’s possible to look fabulous on a limited budget. But to really create a luxe look invest in one big investment piece to wear on a daily basis. Whether it’s a great trench to throw over your $20 jeans or a smart white button-up with an affordable skirt, it’s all how you mix and match price points.

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