3 Tips For Picking The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

These tricks won't let you down.

With so many chic eyeglasses out there, there how are you supposed to know which ones are going to best suit your face shape (and your style)? To make frame finding easier, we asked two industry experts how to pick glasses for your face shape.

How to figure out your face shape

Before choosing the style of glasses you want, “start with determining your face shape,” says Tania Fugulin, creative director at Bonlook. “Look at yourself straight in the mirror to establish your key features.” An easy hack is to draw an outline around your face in the mirror with lipstick or eyeliner and then choose the shape closest to what you’ve drawn. The most common face shapes are: oval, round, square and heart-shaped.

Don’t be afraid to try everything on

Once you have determined whether you’re an oval, square, round or heart-shaped face, get hands on with the styles. “See what shapes and colours you gravitate towards, then try and narrow down [the styles] based on how they look and make you feel,” says Mike Lee, an optical stylist at Bailey Nelson and manager at the Robson Street store in Vancouver.


You do you—regardless of your face shape

Using your face shape is an easy way to select frames that will complement your style, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of finding the right frames. “Conventional ‘face shape theory’ works for some, but sometimes it’s just about what looks good and fits well, no matter [your] face shape,” says Lee. “[It’s all about] individuality, so choose a beautiful frame that best suits you.”