How to get the best-fitting bra for your shape

Expert tips on shape, cut and care. Plus, how to avoid the most common mistake women make when buying a bra.

Woman measuring breast size

Triumph’s bra-fitting expert Melissa Pizzardi recommends that women go for a professional bra fitting twice a year. Take advantage of the fact that most lingerie boutiques and department stores have a professional bra fitter available to provide you with a free fitting. They’ll be able to give tips and pointers on what flatters your shape the best.

Too busy to get fitted (or too shy)? Here’s Pizzardi’s top 10 things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect bra

  1. The front centre of the bra (where the cups meet) should be right up against your breastbone. If it’s not touching your skin, go up a cup size until it does.
  2. If you find yourself spilling out of the cups, go up a cup size until all your breast tissue is contained. A good way to check is to put your shirt on, everything should appear smooth with no visible lines.
  3. Make sure your band is as tight as comfortably possible. If you find your band riding up your back, try on a smaller band size.
  4. The band of a bra provides 80 percent of the overall support, so it’s designed to be snug. The most common mistake women make when selecting a bra is buying a size (or two) too big. If your band is not parallel to the floor all the way around your body, you’re not getting the proper support you need.
  5. You should always be comfortable in your bra. If you find yourself fidgeting and adjusting, you’re not wearing the right size or style for your shape.
  6. An underwire will give you the best support, as the wire helps lift and define the breasts.
  7. Looking for a rounded profile? Choose a padded bra.
  8. Want a more natural look? Look for an unpadded silhouette.
  9. A fuller cup means more coverage and maximum support. The bra itself will have more fabric to it and cover most or all of your breast tissue. A full-coverage bra is great for a large, heavy bust.
  10. A demi-cup has less coverage. This cut is designed to push the breast up and inward to display more cleavage. The wires on this cut are a true “U” shape and the straps are wider set; most strapless bras have a demi shape.

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