Get volumized hair

Tricks from the pros to give your hair that extra oomph

CHALLENGE: High heat and humidity will make fine hair go limp.

SOLUTION: To keep your bounce, toss dry your hair about 15 percent before applying a light-weight volumizing product, says Tim Rogers, a New York stylist and spokesperson for Charles Worthington hair products. Be sure to avoid products with silicone and excessive alcohol. Using the low-heat setting on your hair dryer, blow from damp to dry (not wet to dry). While hair is still warm from the dryer make “stand up pin curls” to simulate the use of a roller, then clip in place until your hair cools. “Never use the high setting on the dryer,” says Rogers. “High heat or speed deadens hair.” If you have short hair, just focus on the crown and the front of your hairline so it doesn’t look too full and old-fashioned.

Tip: To create a nice wave, braid your hair into loose pigtails when hair is about 60 percent dry, braid it into loose pigtails. Rake it apart when it’s completely air dried to create a nice wave.

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