From the Style Desk: What's sexy?

Fashion and beauty experts Deborah Fulsang and Tiyana Grulovic dish on date night dressing, subtle scents and a killer sense of confidence

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On 1/29/08 11:18 AM, “Deborah Fulsang” wrote:
First of all, just a quick thanks to the two Barbaras (one from New Brunswick and one from Ontario!) who left questions for us last month. To learn more about what’s next for jeans, check out this month’s fashion how-to. About vests vs. blazers: while a leather blazer sounds like a winter classic, try lighter materials to keep cool in the office.

In this Britney- and Paris Hilton-fatigued era of too much information, what’s really sexy on women? Of course, it’s confidence that’s most supremely sexy (and both men and women would probably agree). For me, though, sexy dressing is about the mix of effort and understatement – and subtle scent is a perfect example. You should only catch a whiff when you’re up close. The new Gap individual scents are super-sexy, especially The Lover with hints of apricot, mint and patchouli. When searching for sensual scents, look for notes of musk, vetiver and cedar. Berry and fruit notes are sexy and lush, too.


On 1/29/08 12:09 PM, “Tiyana Grulovic” wrote:
I completely agree with you: dressing sexy is not about showing skin, but suggesting it. There’s nothing like a body-hugging pencil skirt worn with a killer pair of heels. Look for a heavier-gage fabric like wool with Lycra or double-knit jersey, a bit of stretch helps hold it all in. Reitmans and Jacob do great pencil skirts at an affordable price; after all, you won’t be wearing it every day so why spend a fortune? Personally for me, it’s what’s underneath that counts. My latest obsession is Elle Macpherson’s appropriately named lingerie line, The Body, available at Holt Renfrew. Perfect for flirty, girly intimates to layer under a long cardigan and my favourite jeans. No Holts? Try The Bay or La Senza for a wide variety of lingerie in many styles and attitudes.


On 1/29/08 12:17 PM, “Deborah Fulsang” wrote:
So we agree on not showing to much skin. When skin is bared, though it should be soft. And super-soft feet, there’s nothing so un-sexy as scratchy heels! Yikes. My favourite products are:

Kiehl’s Crème de Corp: It’s a bit pricy, but boy is it rich, and it leaves your skin extra-hydrated and so soft.
• Vancouver-based company Linacare’s Intensive Foot Therapy. It’s excellent for keeping your winter feet baby-smooth.
• My absolute favourite is Dermalogica Stress Relief Treatment Oil which is scented with the sexiest blend of sandalwood, ylang-ylang, lavendar and lemon. You can use it for massage too! Is that too much information?


On 1/29/08 12:33 PM, “Tiyana Grulovic” wrote:
Ok, so we’ve covered sexy seemingly from head to toe. Now let’s talk shoes, because I so seldom wear heels I find them insanely hot. Like a treat, you know? And it works on a date night when you won’t be walking far (like from the car to the restaurant). I tend to shy away from anything too flashy, but a good height (2″ or so) always works. And they make your legs look longer and leaner, which is just a bonus.

I also recommend discreetly investing in some decidedly unsexy insoles. I cant live without the Airplus for Her Gel Steppies. They make life livable!


On 1/29/08 12:41 PM, “Deborah Fulsang” wrote:
I agree about the shoes, and although my inner librarian loves the glossy black oxfords-black-turtleneck-and-dress-pants look, my vote for sexiest shoe goes to the slingback. Maybe it’s the little bit of heel showing that gives it an extra erotic boost? Nine West always has great choices in this style. And at Town Shoes, I look for the Jessica Simpson, O by Oscar de la Renta and Richard Tyler lines. They all offer up a comfortable heel in the $90 to $150 range, which is great value for a classic sexy heel. Happy date night, everyone!