Five-minute holiday hair

Step-by-step instructions for stunning (and simple!) 'dos

Five-minute holiday hair
Step-by-step instructions for stunning (and simple!) ‘dos

Katherine has curly, thick, chin-length hair, which she usually straightens. We started by running an anti-frizz balm through her hair to keep fly-aways at bay, then parted it to the side.

We then curled the front sections of Katherine’s hair with a curling iron.

Next we added some hairspray to the back section of her hair and swept it back into a low side bun, which was secured it with bobby pins.

To complete this deco-inspired ‘do we gently loosened the curls in the front section of Katherine’s hair and shaped her bangs into a smooth wave, which was pinned to the side. The finishing touch was a no-fuss feathered hair clip tucked in neatly by her ear.

Natasha has long, very curly hair. We started by sweeping it back into a low ponytail.

Next added some curl-defining lotion to her ponytail and began scrunching and finger-curling her ringlets for extra volume and definition. We then used a curling iron on a few individual ringlets for a polished finish.

The last step was adding rhinestone barrettes for some vintage sparkle.

Patti has shoulder-length curly hair. We began by spraying her curls with a sea salt texturizing product for extra separation and bounce.

Starting from the bottom, we gathered individual sections of hair from alternating sides, rolling each one into the middle for a French roll. Each section was secured with a bobby pin as it was rolled in.

We finished this girlish upsweep by curling a few of the loose ringlets around Pattis face and adding some glittering barrettes.

Jennifer has long, thick, straight hair, which is layered. We decided to play up her gorgeous locks by keeping them down.

We started by parting her hair just behind the fringe. Then, to create extra volume, we began backcombing (or teasing) the hair section by section. Jennifer’s hair was then combed back and smoothed and her fringe styled to the side. We used a thickening spray to hold things in place and to add some extra texture and shine.

Instead of one headband, we used several thin metallic ones placed just behind the fringe.

The multiple headbands added an extra touch of sparkle and worked together to hold Jennifer’s hair in place.

Catia has fine, straight, shoulder-length hair. We wanted to give her a simple style that she could put together quickly before dashing out the door.

We began by backcombing the top and sides of Catia’s hair for a bit of extra volume.

Then we simply gathered the hair back into a low ponytail, pinning any stray pieces back with bobby pins.

The look was finished with the addition of hair elastics with faux-cabochon jewels and a touch of hairspray.

Karen has extremely curly, shoulder-length hair so we started out by applying some leave-in conditioner to help define her ringlets.

We then pushed her hair out of her face with a velvet headband and freshened up the ends of her curls with a tiny-barrelled curling iron – delicately wrapping each ringlet around the end of the iron.

By tugging out a few random curls and teasing them a little, we created extra visual oomph and the look of more abundant hair.