Fitness Finds

Walk your way to weight loss with these new fitness products

Having a hard time getting motivated? There are a host of new products out there designed to make initiating a fitness regime fun and easy. Check out this selection of gear and get ready to hit the pavement.

var titles = new Array(“”,””,””,””,””); var descriptions = new Array(“Keep your heart rate and your “girls” in check with this sports bra from lululemon. Aside from being supportive, the Heart Beat Bra can be equipped with a Heart Rate Monitor (sold separately), which transmits information to a wristwatch to allow you to stick to a steady pace. The wristwatch also features a stopwatch and calorie counting functions.
Bra $56
Monitor $214

“, “The stylish Supernova Cushion running shoe from Adidas is designed to give your foot a natural, balanced landing with every step. The shoes feature 360 degree reflectivity for safety in low light conditions and anti-microbial moisture-wicking sock liners inside. Finally there are cute shoes designed to work with your feet rather than against them!
$130“, “Of course water is always the best source of workout hydration, but it can get boring. Luckily the makers of Gatorade have introduced Propel Calcium, a vitamin- and calcium-enhanced drink that comes in tasty strawberry and orange flavours. A 700 ml bottle contains nearly the same amount of calcium as an 8 oz glass of milk.
$2“, “The Nike Triax Mia wristwatch is designed to stay put, even during your most vigorous walking workouts. The S-shaped design curves naturally around the wrist and a strap-keeper post holds the strap in place while you move. A 43-lap chronograph keeps track of how many laps you’ve walked while you tour around the neighbourhood, and the alarm function will alert you to when it’s time to head back to the office or home for dinner.
$140“, “Chafing and irritation can become a genuine concern once you start walking regularly. To prevent this try checking out Monistat’s new Soothing Care Chafing Powder-Gel skin protectant. The gel is fragrance-free, non-greasy and won’t stain your clothes. An added bonus: you can also use it to prevent irritation after your next bikini wax!
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