Find your true colours

Discover your most flattering fashion hues – based on your hair and skin tone

Every woman knows that wearing red shoes can perk up her spirits and put an extra spring in her step. Colour’s our best weapon when it comes to fashion: a flattering shade can give your skin a glow (without the bronzer!) and even pick you up out of a bad mood. Every time I’m having a blah day, for instance, I put on an orange sweater that brings colour to my face and wins me many compliments. (It’s such a boost!)

To find the colours that will work best with your skin tone, choose a complexion type from the drop-down menu below. Keep in mind that the shades recommended are just a basic guideline. There are times when you will be able to wear other shades, but this will give you an idea of your best bets the next time you shop.

Choose your skin tone:


YOUR HAIR IS: white-blond, strawberry-blond, red, brown or black (Asian)

YOUR SKIN TONE IS: pale or porcelain, possibly with a smattering of freckles

YOUR BEST COLOURS: you look best in pink, blue-green, green, black, burgundy, white and chalky pastels

AVOID: yellow and beige, which can wash you out and leave your skin looking sallow


YOUR HAIR IS: blond, caramel-blond, honey-brown or black

YOUR SKIN TONE IS: warm with red, peach or yellow undertones

YOUR BEST COLOURS: red, peach and yellow to echo your skin’s undertones. You can also opt for brighter shades than those with pale skin – think orange, hot pink and turquoise. Other good bets include khaki, rust, olive, bronze, plum and brown

AVOID: beige, pale pink and cool blues, which can wash you out


YOUR HAIR IS: coppery red-brown, golden-brown, dark-brown or black

YOUR SKIN TONE IS: olive with yellow undertones

YOUR BEST COLOURS: a range from rich burgundy, deep blue and dark brown hues to orange, peachy-pink, yellow and white.

AVOID: sandy browns and anything that matches your skin tone and washes you out


YOUR HAIR IS: brown, dark-brown or black

YOUR SKIN TONE IS: caramel to dark brown with warm or cool undertones

YOUR BEST COLOURS: you can wear almost any colour – from cream, beige and brown to rich shades of terra cotta, rust, emerald green and fuchsia.

AVOID: chalky pastels, which might wash you out

Choose your skin tone:

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