Fashion on-the-go

Travel fashion

All wrapped up
A pashmina shawl is an ideal item for both hot and cold weather trips. It acts as a pillow on a plane, a wrap for a nice dinner, or a warm scarf option when tied on with a blazer. Buy one in a colour that complements your wardrobe. If you wear mostly black, opt for fuchsia and if your wardrobe is eclectic stick with grey or black. Plus if you are hitting a beach it can double as a towel.

Shoe in
Nothing is worse than traveling in uncomfortable footwear. If you love heels or trendy sandals make sure to bring at least one pair of versatile flats in case of blisters or an impromptu night of dancing. The unknown is all part of the fun of going away — but when you’re stuck walking from one end of the airport to the other or are trying to catch a cab after dinner you’ll be happy you brought alternative shoes. Buy a soft pair of ballet flats that will easily roll up into your carry-on.

Signature purse
Bring one mid-sized handbag that you really love for everyday use. Try a leather number in a neutral colour that has enough room for your travel guide, lipgloss, water bottle and iPod. Don’t go for a massive tote — a purse with multiple interior pockets will hold your items in place. Ideally this one should go with your evening outfits as well.

Made in the shade
Don’t leave home without some protective eyewear. Sunglasses are key for any type of weather or hiding under for a nap on a long car ride. Plus, they double up as a headband when thrown on top of unkempt road-ravaged hair. Make sure yours are UVA/UVB protected and you’re good to get on the road!

Dark and skinny
Denim can be cumbersome so pack one pair and make sure they’re versatile. Slip into a pair of dark denim jeans that taper at the ankles. These will work in the place of black pants because are dressy enough for both day and night and go with both heels and flats. Make sure there’s no rips or tears and look for a pair with a good amount of stretch if you’ll be wearing them en route to your destination.

The basics
Bring leggings and long tees that easily roll up in your luggage. Lightweight, versatile items  – such as tunics – are key so stock up. Also, if you’re bringing a jacket or pair of boots, wear them on the flight to avoid more bulk in your suitcase. These heavier items will also fight off the airplane chill.