#FallProblems: Busy Phillips is overdressed

As this cute short film points out, pumpkin spice everything is no consolation when you can't seem to dress for the weather.

Just because storefronts are filled to the brim with sweaters and turtlenecks doesn’t mean Mother Nature will get the hint. The hot-and-cold-and-hot-again temperatures turn every early fall morning into a fashion crapshoot. Can we still pull off denim cutoffs? (It’s 25 degrees today for some reason!) What about a monochrome maxi dress? (If we put a sweater on top.) All the while, we’re dreaming of our many chunky knits and cozy scarves stuck idling in storage.

Don’t get us wrong: we’d be terrible Canadians if we were caught complaining about any lingering sunshine, but we just can’t wait to drape ourselves in cozy knits. The folks at LOFT feel the same, it seems: This cute 60-second short, directed by and starring the hilarious Busy Phillips, absolutely nails the trials and tribulations of changing — literally — with the seasons.

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